About us

We are a family of believers dedicated to the pursuit of God’s presence in the Earth. We are not only a church, but an equipping center whose mission is to provide people like you with the right tools to grow your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to help you actively mirror New Testament Christianity. 

We long to see awakening come to our region through both one-on-one relationships and corporate gatherings filled with worship, the Word, and intercession. We would love for you to come be apart of what God is doing at Freedom Center!

what to expect

When you walk into our building, 

expect vibrant and extravagant worship.

Expect passionate, Biblical preaching. 

Expect unconditional love. 

Expect Jesus. 

Our mission

  • We strive to host the presence of God in whichever way He chooses to come, with no man-made agendas.

  • We commit to being intentionally relational, connecting with one another through personal relationships and corporate fellowship.

  • We desire to be a church of prayer and awakening, declaring the message of both radical grace and uncompromising righteousness.

  • We are here to equip every single person who walks through our doors to transform the culture around them until we find that it is “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”